Welcome Troop 384

You should be very proud of your achievements!


Please review the information on the order sheet you received (also available here) and bring it with you on photo day filled out and ready to pay with credit card, check, or EXACT cash (no change provided). Event is 5:30pm - 7pm (the group photo will be at 7pm).

You may also add Buddy images as desired; those are also considered "add-on" photos. BUDDY SHOTS CAN INCLUDE AS MANY SUBJECTS AS DESIRED, HOWEVER THESE ARE PRICED AS AN ADD-ON ONLY (There is a $15 minimum order for each scout before a Add-On can be purchased).

As a bonus, you can receive an extra thank you with your order if you show us you have Liked ThePhotographySpecialist on Facebook.

If you are keeping it simple (one package, no extras or buddy photos) then you can opt to pre-pay for your package below and not deal with payment at the Portrait Event. We will still need your order form filled out though, so please do that and bring it with you. We will have it recorded that you have pre-paid.


Please enter name of Scout



If you have any questions please contact John Tobin by email or phone: 951-461-7320