TPS Art Montages work very well as gallery wraps, however the TPS specialized Metal Prints are better when a strong, sleek, vibrant finish makes for the best display. If you are unsure of what you want, just ask The Photography Specialist. You'll find out exactly why one would be preferable over the other based on your finished artwork.

All ideas start with you, the Client, and you will receive drafts as necessary before the final masterpiece is made into a deliverable product. This is a fun experience for both subject and photographer, and at a time when law enforcement (in particular) could use some recognition, the opportunity to create this unique product is a real honor.

The Experience


  • Creative Photography Session includes green screen and professional lighting
  • Select from 10-15 images for your Custom Montage or Creative Portrait
  • All Image Extractions and Custom Creative Artwork
  • All kinds of digital backgrounds to choose from
  • Drafts Provided as needed through final approval
  • Final Product: (1) - 16x24 Art Metal Print or (1) - Art Gallery Wrap


Significant discounts are available for multiple subjects at a single location. This includes standard portrait head shots as low as $50 per subject (price based on volume). A link to the pricing of the Canvas and all types of Metal Prints is below. If you choose a smaller size, you may deduct the appropriate amount from this total.


Art Montages are priceless. However, there is no currency for "priceless", so please see this link for introductory pricing on the actual prints.