We don't do "mini-sessions" here!


Mini-sessions are great for a photographers wallet but not so great for the Family, which typically require some time with the photographer and camera to settle in to the experience before that epic image can be created. This is especially true when using additive lighting equipment and not just a camera alone.


Your family is not a hobby, so your photographer shouldn't be a hobbyist either. With TPS, family sessions come with more experience than you will generally find from any other photographer. This also includes professional camera and lighting equipment. No session isn't without lighting from a softbox, even outdoors. We don't do this because we like photography, we do this because we like to create quality moments that are looked at on the wall and smiled upon repeatedly over time, because it never gets old. And why? Because it's just that good. It reflects your family's unique personality through individual expressions and character, and it is all produced with quality lighting. Quality lighting affects color and it flatters the subjects. Quality lighting produces catch-lights in the eyes, where natural light won't. Do your research and you will begin to see the difference in the images you see. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us with any questions. There is never any obligation and once you decide on TPS, satisfaction is guaranteed.



What you will get:

  • Professional photography on location (mileage may apply)
  • One lighting assistant (in most cases).
  • Unique creativity tailored for your family.
  • Retouching on all proofs and final images.
  • Heavy object deletion (distractions in photos such as people on the beach, power poles etc)
  • Professional highlight reel for review and optional purchase (various themes)
  • Short turnaround time.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • A fun and exciting experience your whole family will remember!



*Deduct $50 if choose studio portraits*

Includes (1) - 16x24 Canvas Wrap or 16x20 Specialized Metal Print

(Or can choose full print credit in lieu of the above. Digital images not included at this price)




Below shows a few family session videos


Questions? Contact John Tobin, The Photography Specialist at:


951-461-7320 or [email protected]