Hello SCEGA families!
Your Photos Are Now Ready For Pickup At The Gym
If you purchased a package that included digital files, those are being distributed beginning today. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive yours.
Thank you for the opportunity to take your childs' gymnastics photos. It was a privilege. I believe your child is special and unique and it is my hope that the photos reflect their individuality. Every image is edited by hand and gets my personal, individual attention, regardless of whether a package was purchased or not.
If you did not purchase at the discounted package price but would still like the opportunity to view them you may do so here: http://www.thephotographyspecialist.com/scega
Please note that you can adjust the crop on the photo once in the cart, and I highly suggest you take advantage of that feature and click to view the crop info whether you think you need to or not.
If you pre-purchased a package and want to order additional prints, please contact me for an individual, one-time-use coupon code which will save you 20%. 

Please, if you are not happy with your photos for any reason please contact me directly so I can address it right away. My contact info is below.


The chalk scene shown with the digital background options on Photo Day was a black and white image. Thus, you should be expecting a black and white image if you chose the chalk scene. We are delivering exactly as shown by the samples that were out on Photo Day.


If you selected the chalk scene you can know that your image is different than every other gymnasts’ unique chalk image. This is due to your childs' specific pose and movement, where their legs and feet are, where the hands are, all of that. So the chalk elements have been mostly repositioned for each individual image to match the movement.


Some of the purchased images included some retouching where retouching seemed appropriate.


Finally, feedback on your photo experience is very much appreciated, so if you have any feedback at all that will help us improve, provide better packages, better product or a better experience or you would like to see certain changes in packages, product, or procedure please share it via the link below. If you were pleased feel free to let us know that too. Your feedback will help us achieve our goal of raising the bar next time and also delivering what you, the parents, want to get from your photo experience. We really do want to please every parent and every child, so we appreciate your feedback very much.

Thank you.
PS:  If you purchased a package that includes a digital file and you’d like to enter to win a free photo session simply tag TPS on Facebook or Instagram when you post your image. One winner from SCEGA will be selected on the last day of this month (February). Single subject, full studio session with your choice of one free 8x10 digital file, a 12x18 print, or five different images suitable for screen display.
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Image Artist
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