It is with great pleasure TPS Studio has the honor of creating both traditional portraits and high quality art from custom photography during the 2019 Young Marines Ball Oct. 12th.

This art is hand-crafted. It starts with a four-light professional studio setup with either a traditional or green screen background (your choice). But the photography is just the beginning. Each image is enhanced for maximum artistic quality and then (for green screen art) it is either blended with a custom mix of textured backgrounds or a scene of your choice, such as several patriotic scenes we have available. We can also take your own idea for your Young Marine, your Young Marine siblings, or your family and make it into something special. We can combine any image with the studio photo we create at the Ball, perhaps you are even interested in a Young Marine Montage. There is no limit to what we can create so feel free to bring personal ideas with you!

Pricing is strictly based on pre-purchase. This is special discounted pricing available for this event only.

All artwork is done by the artist, John Tobin, so allow approximately 2-3 weeks for completion. All purchased products will be sent to your home address directly.

We will be accepting CASH, Check, and Credit Cards.

Note: there is a $30 fee for returned checks.


All photography will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we will be starting at 4:00pm. Please review what we have available and the information provided at the table. We will be happy to answer any questions.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Young Marines Ball.


Here is an example of a multi-image art montage. Looks especially pleasing on Canvas, and brilliant on Metal


Custom text is up to you, or you can have no text at all.

Blue lines are not on print but are here to show the additional image area that is added that wraps around the sides of the 1-1/2" Art Canvas.

Metal and Fine Art Prints do not include this additional side area.

In addition to a special one-of-a-kind texture, you may choose from patriotic background options made available at the event.

(Feel free to check back here this week for an update to this info).



Questions or Suggestions:

John Tobin

The Photography Specialist


Click here to email